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Motivation. Accountability. Workout Buddy. Friend. We are here every step of the way to help you succeed and reach your goals.

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Find the perfect Beachbody fitness program for you, your goals and your body. Then, fuel your body with the best nutrition available.

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FREE customized drag-and-drop meal planning for your specific journey – complete with recipes you want to make, mobile shopping lists, and peace of mind.

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We know it’s hard to lose weight, get fit, and lead a healthy, balanced life. We make it easier by providing every hidden tool you need to succeed.

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Team Sweatastic is a group of entrepreneurs that are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle while inspiring others to do the same.

Meet The Founders

Black-and-White Founders

Every story has a beginning and ours began on July 30th, 2010 in Ronan, MT at the Pioneer Day’s Street Dance. Austin had prayed the night before that he would meet his soulmate and the very next day his group of friends bumped into Jennifer’s at the dance.  It was loud, he missed her name. Austin was DETERMINED to not let her be the one that ‘got away.’  So determined, in fact, that he interrupted her dance with another guy to ask her on a date!

Secretly excited that the cute guy she thought she’d never see again tracked her down, Jennifer agreed to a date… and the rest is history…  <3


About a year after the beginning, we moved in together and started college.  We THOUGHT we knew how to cook. We THOUGHT Hamburger Helper was cooking and a perfectly suitable dinner (every other night).  Turns out we were wrong! Hamburger Helper + Stress + Lack of Sleep + College + Jobs = Not So Sneaky Weight Gain. Ugh.

Other not so sneaky part, if you don’t exercise, all of that Hamburger Helper goes straight to your waistline. Wake up call! We were no longer 15 and couldn’t just eat what we wanted, not exercise and remain in shape. Bummer.

By the end of our freshman year, the ‘Freshman 15’ turned into a cumulative ‘Freshman 80’ together and we had to buy bigger pants. Double bummer.

Enter every fad diet, get slim quick trick, magic pill, and weight loss tip known to man: raspberry keytones, Lipozene, Hydroxycut, Special K bars, plain salad, calorie counting, Colorad (liquid protein).  You name it, we tried it. NOTHING worked. Weird, huh?  We just kept hiding our weight gain behind looser and looser clothing and avoided mirrors and cameras.


THEN late night TV happened, specifically a late-night TV commercial for Insanity happened. Hook, line, and sinker! This had been what we were looking for – a REAL weight loss program, not like the gimmicks we had been doing, that still promised great results in an accelerated period of time. Austin liked it because it was hardcore and reminded him of 2-a-day football practice. Jennifer liked that she could do it in the privacy of her own living room without the prying eyes and judgement of the gym. However, just because we liked it didn’t mean we’d actually do it.

We had the best intentions.  We were the KING and QUEEN of starting strong on Monday, faltering on Tuesday, and giving up by Wednesday.  Insanity was hard – both physically and mentally. It sucked to have to admit we weren’t in shape, it sucked to not eat Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos while studying, and it sucked we kept failing at it.

We failed for several reasons. We modified the eating plan right to the drive-thru lane, we followed through with every excuse we could think of, and we thought we could do it alone.  We didn’t need an accountability/challenge group! We didn’t need help meal planning, even though it was obvious we had no clue what healthy food looked like. We didn’t need Shakeology (in fact, we were convinced that Shakeology was too expensive and not all that it was cracked up to be.  We spent months looking for a cheaper alternative with the same health benefits and great taste.  We tried Vega One, RAW Meal, Amazing Meal, GNC Protein, Six Star, and many others.  We even wandered into a body building store and learned about 2,500 calorie scoops of protein powder. What???)! And, we definitely didn’t need a Coach! Right…. 

Did we mention we are engaged? 😀 Fast forward from our failed attempts at Shakeology alternatives and Insanity.  Panic! Our wedding is approaching and we are no closer to our fitness goals.  We needed to change.  But how?

We started to think about what motivated us – what we were sweating for? Then it donned on us! We were sweating for a lot of reasons.  Obviously, the wedding was a primary motivator, but that wasn’t the only reason.  We were sweating for a long healthy life, energy, physique, less migraines, our 20’s, each other. We were tired of being tired, unhappy with the way we looked, and sick of feeling sick. We wanted to be that couple later in life that looks 40, but is actually in their 60s. We knew none of those goals were going to happen if we continued in our current path, and that was scary!

TOTAL MINDSET CHANGE! It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened, it’s still happening.

Now, we have a passion for health and fitness.  Now, eating clean and following a meal plan isn’t such a bad thing. We actually enjoy and prefer eating clean to eating out.  It tastes better and doesn’t make our tummies hurt.

Now, we realize that Shakeology is the BEST shake on the market.  Not only does it taste the best, but it has the best nutrients of anything on the market. Plus, how fun is it to sit on the counter and drink a frosty glass of Shakeology everyday with your soulmate after your workout?! 

Now, 30 minutes of exercise (everyday – not just Monday and Tuesdays) isn’t torture, but a fun activity we do together. We love the energy that exercising gives us and it is SO cool to see and feel progress – powering through a hard workout, fitting those jeans from high school, sleeping better, bumping up our weights, receiving compliments from people we haven’t seen in a while, noticing new muscle lines in the mirror, etc.

Now, together we’re 36 pounds and 25 inches smaller (and counting)! Now, we realize we don’t have to do this alone (and neither do you).

Fitness is a choice.  Being healthy is a choice.  It’s not always the easiest choice, but it’s one that gets easier each day you make it. 



Life events change you – sometimes they’re the primary navigational beacon behind a decision or a path you take and sometimes they cloud your vision and lead you down the wrong road, even when your heart is screaming something different. We’re all about these life events and learning from them.

Life Event #1: College Graduation

We graduated with our undergraduate degrees in May 2015 and our graduate degrees in May 2016.  In March 2016, we were sitting at a restaurant talking about what we should do with our careers.  We were both going to be done with school in 2 months, we were going to both be unemployed, and we were feeling the pressure to get a good job and ‘do something with our lives.’  Our primary criteria for a good job was trifold – 1) work from home (preferably together), 2) make enough money to live comfortably, 3) make a difference in the world.    

Jennifer brought up Beachbody coaching as an option. She had been following a coach on Facebook, silently, for months at the recommendation of a friend.  Why couldn’t we be Beachbody coaches?  It met all of our criteria, it was a product/company we were passionate about, and that coach’s lifestyle was the embodiment of what we wanted. However, we evaluated the opportunity in the most logical sense we could and determined it wasn’t for us.  Why?  We decided it was a pyramid scheme we could never make real money at (we needed money NOW since unemployment was very close and very real) and no one gets an MBA to start a MLM. Stupidest decision ever – our heart said do it, our mind said no.

Life Event #2: Corporate America

So, because Beachbody wasn’t a “real” option, we entered Corporate America. Another stupid decision.  While we had all the money we wanted and we were working from home, we were living the most unfulfilling life possible.  We worked 60 hours per week at jobs we didn’t like and rarely got to see each other, even though we were working 5 feet apart.  We rarely saw our families or did anything fun because we were so stinking tired to do anything additional beyond work by the time we got done each day.  We half-assed every holiday (some we didn’t even celebrate because it was too much effort – very unlike us), and the wedding was far from getting planned. FAIL. The only thing we were holding onto was health and fitness.

Life Event #3: Sunday Night Blues

We were miserable, hiding behind a fake cloak of happiness. It was Sunday night and we were getting ready to start another week when we decided we couldn’t do it anymore.  We just couldn’t.  We were too young to waste our youth like this. So, we started envisioning what we wanted our lives to look like and at every step, Beachbody kept coming up.  The next day we reached out to the Beachbody coach we had been silently following and asked her to talk to us about what Beachbody could look like for us.  It turns out we were wrong. Beachbody isn’t your typical pyramid scheme.  Take it from two MBAs, Beachbody is an entrepreneurship opportunity, just like starting your own restaurant or shop, and you can make a real career at it if you put in the work.

It was obviously the right path, but we didn’t take it overnight (it tooks us hours of debate and a pro/con chart). We continued on with our workouts and forged ahead in Corporate America for a few more months while secretly daydreaming about Beachbody.  It’s scary to break out of your comfort zone to try something new, but we finally did and haven’t looked back!

Life Event # 4: Sweatastic was Born

Listen to your heart, not your head, and happiness will come.  After all, we tried the other way and it didn’t work.

We spent a lot of time reflecting on our fitness journey to figure out how we were going to be the best coaches we could possibly be for you.  What were our roadblocks on our journey?  How could we help pave them over so you didn’t get blocked too? Out of this reflection came Sweatastic. 

We wanted a name and an atmosphere that was fun, that made health and fitness a positive journey that you wanted to be on.  So, we founded Sweatastic.  We wanted to make sure you didn’t get stumped on what to eat or how to do succeed in the kitchen, so we made the Sweatastic Menu Planner.  We wanted to share the tips, tricks, and knowledge we picked up along the way, so we created a list of tools and a blog on our website for you. We wanted you to be successful as a fitness challenger, so we developed exclusive challenge groups and accountability tracks to keep you motivated and surrounded by people on a journey just like yours. We wanted you to not be scared to become a Beachbody coach if that’s what your heart wants you to do, so we developed the Sweatastic New Coach Launch Program – including exclusive training and platforms to get you going and help you thrive. We wanted our lives to be Sweatastic, so we started coaching.  

Changing our lives and our careers was the scariest, yet most fulfilling thing we’ve ever done. BEST DECISION EVER! Now, every day, we work together in a career that inspires us AND we get to actually make a difference in the world by helping others, like you, reach their goals.  What could be better?!?! Seriously?? 🙂

What are YOU sweating for???

<3 Jennifer and Austin